Robert Eisner, Jr. Award Recipients Outstanding New Member

1983-84 David C. Thies
1985-86 Robert P. Prath
1986-87 Anthony L. Peressini
1987-88 Monte D. Kramer
1988-89 Nancy E. Martin
1989-90 Bradley C. Booton, R. James Leffelman
1993-94 George H. Scheetz
1994-95 Ivor M. Emmanuel, Douglas W. Nelson
1996-97 Karen K. Machula, Maarten van de Guchte
1997-98 Robert C. Aldridge, D. Jillian Wagner
1998-99 Donna J. Anderson
1999-00 Nancy J. Casey
2000-01 Scott R. Dahman
2001-02 Steven J. Main
2002-03 Sarah J. Tufte
2003-04 Joan Dixon
2004-05 Susan Grey
2005-06 Elizabeth Krchak & Justin McCarthy
2006-07 Majorie Williams
2007-08 Jonathan Boyd
2008-09 Bethany Hearn
2009-10 Mary Tiefenbrunn
2010-11 Stan Herrin
2011-12 Linda Myette
2012-13 Carl Burkybile
2013-14 Abbie Osterbur
2014-15 Eric Meyer
2015-16 Janet Ellis-Nelson
2016-17 Jane Walsh
2017-18 Steve Adams
2018-19 Rebecca Ries

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