Year President Pres. Elect
1916-17 O.F. Clark C.M. Person
1917-18 Albert Eisner Frank Chester
1918-19 Albert Eisner Tom Smith
1919-20 L.B. King C.L. Adams
1920-21 Ed. S. Scott, Jr. B.E. Spalding
1921-22 James M. White L.L. Glen
1922-23 L.L. Glen John Prettyman
1923-24 Harry J. Millard Jack Lawder
1924-25 B.E. Spalding B.L. Kirk
1925-26 B.L. Kirk I.L. Peterson
1926-27 I.L. Peterson W.E.C. Clifford
1927-28 O.B. Dobbins Albert Eisner, Jr.
1928-29 C.D. Brownell Chas. W. Bailey
1929-30 Chas. W. Bailey Wm. Berryman
1930-31 W.E.C. Clifford H.C. Northcott
1931-32 H.C. Northcott George Huff
1932-33 Fred H. Turner M.L. Kennedy
1933-34 M.L. Kennedy O.B. Dobbins
1934-35 Chas. A. Kiler R.D. Carmichael
1935-36 Edw. J. Jacquin Frank Murphy
1936-37 J.W. Watson M.T. McClure
1937-38 J.E. Atkinson L.W. Murphy
1938-39 S.E. Nelson C.M. Pearson
1939-40 Geo. E. Ramey Will C. Robb
1940-41 Ray C. Sparks J.H. Finch
1941-42 Wm. H. Lee C.E. Bowen
1942-43 M.T. McClure Forrest Colwell
1943-44 C.E. Bowen Forrest Colwell
1944-45 Robert Eisner, Sr. H. Ray Cartlidge
1945-46 H. Ray Cartlidge F.C. Amsbury, Jr.
1946-47 F.C. Amsbury, Jr. Tom A. Hagan
1947-48 Tom A. Hagan Giles Sullivan
1948-49 Giles Sullivan Russell Cone
1949-50 Russell Cone B.F. Harris III
1950-51 B.F. Harris III Wm. L. Everitt
1951-52 Wm. L. Everitt Don L. Kemmerer
1952-53 Don L. Kemmerer C.B. Younger, Jr.
1953-54 C.B. Younger, Jr. S.D. Daniels
1954-55 S.D. Daniels L.A. Bryan
1955-56 L.A. Bryan A.J. Skelton
1956-57 A.J. Skelton Dean R. McCumber
1957-58 Dean R. McCumber W.M. Mulliken
1958-59 W.M. Mulliken W.S. Hansen
1959-60 W.S. Hansen R.O. Harvey
1960-61 Robert O. Harvey J.G. Thomas
1961-62 J.G. Thomas Guy M. Duker
1962-63 Guy M. Duker Scott Anderson, Sr.
1963-64 Scott Anderson, Sr. C.A. Thompson
1964-65 C.A. Thompson R.H. Foley
1965-66 R.H. Foley Robert Eisner, Jr.
1966-67 Robert Eisner, Jr. Carl Greenstein
1967-68 Carl Greenstein H.F. Heaton
1968-69 H.F. Heaton R.C. Dickerson
1969-70 T.A. Hagan, Jr. H.S. Dawson
1970-71 H.S. Dawson Eugene Vance
1971-72 Lott H. Thomas Oscar Dodson
1972-73 Oscar H. Dodson B.A. Dunn
1973-74 B.A. Dunn Peter T. Tomaras
1974-75 Peter T. Tomaras W. Thos. Morgan
1975-76 W. Thos. Morgan James S. Acheson
1976-77 James S. Acheson Frank Keck
1977-78 Frank Keck Donald Moyer, Jr.
1978-79 Donald Moyer, Jr. William M. Kuhne
1979-80 William M. Kuhne David B. Lawrence
1980-81 David B. Lawrence Richard A. Knieriem
1981-82 Richard A. Knieriem Ronald H. Bates
1982-83 Ronald H. Bates Ronald Kiddoo
1983-84 Ronald Kiddoo Thomas O. Dawson
1984-85 Thomas O. Dawson Leonard T. Flynn
1985-86 Leonard T. Flynn Ken Gungi
1986-87 Ken Gunji Edward E. Roderick
1987-88 Edward E. Roderick Calvin L. Owens
1988-89 Calvin L. Owens Dan M. Crispin
1989-90 Dan M. Crispin L. Michael Martin
1990-91 L. Michael Martin David C. Thies
1991-92 David C. Thies Janice M. Bahr
1992-93 Janice M. Bahr Ivan W. Davis, Jr.
1993-94 Ivan W. Davis, Jr. Thomas M. Good
1994-95 Thomas M. Good James F. Keene
1995-96 James F. Keene Gary G. Wackerlin
1996-97 Gary G. Wackerlin Scott Anderson, Jr.
1997-98 Scott Anderson, Jr. Thomas J. Costello
1998-99 Thomas J. Costello Nina W. Eisner
1999-00 Nina W. Eisner Mark D. Stolkin
2000-01 Mark D. Stolkin George H. Scheetz
2001-02 George H. Scheetz Bill Williams
2002-03 Bill Williams Robert C. Aldridge
2003-04 Robert C. Aldridge David G. Bernthal
2004-05 David G. Bernthal John R. Ady
2005-06 John R. Ady Carl R. Meyer
2006-07 Carl R. Meyer Daniel L. Wheatman
2007-08 Daniel L. Wheatman Joan M. Dixon
2008-09 Joan M. Dixon Elizabeth Krchak
2009-10 Elizabeth Krchak Rober Driver
2010-11 Robert Driver Bill Malone
2011-12 Bill Malone Fay Rouseff-Baker
2012-13 Fay Rouseff-Baker John Calderon
2013-14 John Calderon Steve Carter
2014-15 Steve Carter Marilynne Davis
2015-16 Marilynne Davis Craig Rost
2016-17 Craig Rost Connie Walsh
2017-18 Connie Walsh Sam Banks
2018-19 Sam Banks Janet Ellis-Nelson
2019-20 Janet Ellis-Nelson Marlys Scarbrough
2020-21 Marlys Scarbrough Shandra Summerville
2021-22 Shandra Summerville  John Kelley
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